A Mighty Fortress

A Mighty Fortress

3 minutes
SATB, piano


Ryan Rogers, conductor
Jonathan Scofield, piano
Sopranos: Jade Panares, Hannah Schroeder, Katy White
Altos: Erika Erwin, Christine Oakes, Meg Tredwell, Emily Zenkner
Tenors: Carlos Cordero, Matthew Lydick, Julius Sanchez, Juan Villegas, Jake Woodson
Basses: David Bruce, Emer Cordoba, Jonathan Snowden

Program Notes

A Mighty Fortress draws inspiration from the 500th anniversary of the Reformation which is manifested not only in the lyrics but also musical materials. The number 500 can also be written as the mathematical expression 53 • 4 which is represented musically in the first and last sections by four consecutive chords containing three superposed fifths. In the middle section, the melody derives its first three notes from the numerals 5, 0, and 0.

Austin Brake
September 3, 2017
Webster, Texas