for brass choir

hard | 10 minutes

performed by Guglielmo Manfredi and the West Texas A&M University Brass Choir

Program Notes

Sometimes in life, we feel that we make no difference. That our emotions and tribulations go unnoticed. That we are insignificant and inconsequential. Sometimes, we feel “invisible.” These thoughts are not uncommon; in fact, I believe they are universal. Invisible is a musical representation of this struggle that we all face. It expresses the anguish, melancholy, and bittersweetness we experience when we feel invisible, and hopefully, the peace we feel when we come to terms with ourselves.

Invisible was commissioned by Guglielmo Manfredi for the West Texas A&M University Brass Choir and was premiered under the title Midnight Prayers for a Crescent Moon on November 10th, 2011.

Austin Brake
October 2012
Canyon, Texas