Fanfare for Paul

Fanfare for Paul

for trombone choir and percussion

professional | 2 minutes

performed by Rai Morales and the West Texas A&M University Trombone Choir

Program Notes

Fanfare for Paul was commissioned by Rai Morales for the West Texas A&M University Trombone Choir. Rai first approached me about writing a piece for the ensemble after the premiere of my brass choir piece, Invisible. He was greatly intrigued by “[my] chord progressions” and wanted a concert-opener with a similar sound.

Invisible was my first large-scale attempt to employ the theoretical system of Paul Hindemith, a composer who never ceases to amaze me with his craft and inventiveness. My comprehension of his process increases with each reading of his book The Craft of Musical Composition. This fanfare is a personal homage to Hindemith for his influence on my growth as a composer. It is my hope that someday I will able to blend his innovative concepts of tonality with my own personal voice.

Fanfare for Paul was premiered on November 6th, 2012.

Austin Brake
December 2012
Canyon, Texas