Beyond the Event Horizon

Beyond the Event Horizon

for twelve horns

professional | 3 minutes


performed by Guglielmo Manfredi and the West Texas A&M University Horn Choir

Program Notes

Beyond the Event Horizon was commissioned by Guglielmo Manfredi for the West Texas A&M University Horn Choir and was premiered on May 4th, 2011. The event horizon is the point at which not even light can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole.  Once matter has passed beyond this point, it is drawn toward the center of the black hole to a point of infinite density. It is the concept of “density” which serves as the foundation for the construction of this piece.  Triadic formations are juxtaposed with each other to form harmonic combinations of varying densities. The piece explores these combinations musically rather than by programmatic means. Essentially, this piece would most appropriately be considered as an experiment in polytonality.

Austin Brake
October 2012
Canyon, Texas