One performer

Katharsis (2010)
alto saxophone

Fantasy on the Eve of an Autumn Equinox (2009)

Two performers

Harmony of Trees (2018)
soprano, baritone
—commissioned by HGOco (Houston Grand Opera)

Sonata (2014)
bassoon and piano

Prelude to a Winter Sojourn (2013)
flute and piano

Nocturne (2013)
oboe and piano

Fantasy on the Eve of a Winter Solstice (2011)
violin and piano

Four performers

Fantasy on the Eve of a Summer Solstice (2011)
clarinet and percussion

Quartet No. 1, op. 15 (2011)

Six or more performers

Diabolus in musica (2012)
twelve woodwinds

Fanfare for Paul (2012)
trombone choir and percussion

Invisible (2011)
brass choir

Beyond the Event Horizon (2010)
twelve horns